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KidMin Checkup

A KidMin Check-up is vital to keeping ministry running smoothly!

Delve into the three core components of every children’s ministry:

What are you teaching

is all about your content focus, curriculum and classroom objective. In order to best determine what you are teaching we must identify the following who are leading (ages) how often you have them (days and times) how they are taught (classroom breakdown) Then we can discuss and search for curriculums that will best meet the needs of your church and prepare you for future growth.

How are you teaching it

  • How quickly do your lessons move?
  • Are you involving multiple senses in your class/service?
  • Is positive and negative discipline being utilized?

Classroom Management is key to effectively running a 90 Min KidMin service. You will discover practical, successful methods for engaging your students, so that you can spend more time focused on spiritual matters.

Who are you teaching it with

the eternal truths of God’s Word with?

  • Who is leading when you are out of the classroom?
  • What age demographics help you pour into kids?
  • Is there a variety of skill among your leaders?
  • Who is being trained up by you?

Recruitment is not a dirty word, nor is it something that can only be accomplished from the church pulpit.  Learn powerful techniques to invite, inspire and encourage volunteers to join the greatest ministry ever – Kids Ministry!


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Those who lead and teach children have a different dynamic of leadership than any other position in the local church.
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